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Our mission at Woodland Hills is to provide a place where residents are treated with dignity and respect, and where activities are planned that support each person’s independence and self-esteem. We do all we can to create an environment that allows our residents to enjoy this phase of their lives, feel they are part of a caring family and know they are safe and well looked after by a concerned and capable staff.

“I love it here. I’m president of the resident council. I’ve found my place here. I like the people. I’ve made lots of friends. I have several ladies who have become mother-figures to me. I get restorative therapy three times a week and I always enjoy it. I have seen some progress through my therapy in my arms and legs. I love the physical therapy—I went to high school with the therapist. They do a great job and have helped me a lot. I like to be up and doing things and they help with that. And they are always open to trying what I’m willing to do as long as it’s safe. I enjoy playing bingo and cards. Tyler, the activities director, is great with activities. He keeps us busy. I love going out into the courtyard and getting some vitamin D. It’s my favorite and I could just stay out there all day. All the nurses are great. Our maintenance guy, Jeff, is the best. He works on anything and can fix everything, and is so friendly to everyone.”

T. Lovercheck

“I eat three good meals a day here. I get my hair cut in the salon. It’s my home away from home. It’s nice here. This is the best place for you if you can’t take care of yourself. They helped me when my shoulder started having issues. The therapists helped me get it strong again—they’re very good. They nurses here are nice and punctual—they come pretty quickly when you call them. In the summertime, we have a vegetable garden and flowers and there’s lots to do. I plant okra and bell peppers. I also play some Bingo and 'hands-down'— a card game the activities director created. We win some great prizes so it’s worth playing the game. Once a week they have a movie night with popcorn that I enjoy.”

A. Kirby

“I really enjoy the games. I’m an outgoing person and I’ve come from a family that always went places and enjoyed people. I’ve made a lot of friends here. I really do love it here. This is not like a regular care center. It’s more to me like a place people go to live—it’s been good for me. This is my home now. I like to go outside here and help plant flowers. I remind them to bring in the tropical plants in the winter and to keep them watered and healthy. I enjoy it when the Jacksonville Garden Club comes to help us with our garden area. Our activities director invented a poker game that just tickles me—it’s so much fun and just makes everyone happy. The foot spa therapy is great!”

A. Johnson

“It’s the best place I ever saw. They’re as good to me as they can be. I was so sick when I came in last May. My daughter died the day after I came in and they had so much compassion. I’d always been so independent—living by myself until I was 93, even with my spinal cord injury. Here, the physical therapists helped me start strengthening my arms. I’ll ask them if I can try more things, like trying to get into my chair all by myself again, and they let me and I was able to do it! I’ve gotten strong enough to get in my chair again! They are the most kind-hearted people. This is my home now. I love all the nurses and residents. I haven’t found one person that isn’t good. I know in my heart that the Lord put me here.”

F. Burnett

“The nurses are very good. The therapists take extra time with me. One therapist, in particular, named Shannon, is just the best. I enjoy her company and she seems to enjoy my company as well. My therapies include bike riding, walking the stairway and hallways, and playing cornhole. I’d recommend St.Michael’s to anybody.”

M. Smith

“The nurses here are great. I enjoy playing Bingo and monopoly, and when the weather is nice, I enjoy going outside and watching the birds. They do a movie night every Friday where we get together and enjoy popcorn and drinks.”

C. Stone

“I never thought I’d be able to walk again. I had pneumonia and lost all my strength and ability. The therapists have been working with me and now I’ve been walking some. I thoroughly enjoy the therapy. Lakewood is a nice place. I’m impressed with the nurses here--they are extremely nice. It’s a good place to be if you can’t be at home.”

Betty Jean Sanders

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